Politics By Other Means

Saturday we buried Tom Crosslin.  550 people showed up for his funeral, and it became a rallying point for pushing PRA through, for demanding the truth about this affair, which has the stench of "Waco done better", and for demanding that this kind of action against Americans STOP.  Tom and Rollie died for our freedom, more surely than any brave American soldier fighting on foreign soil.  Their spirit is indeed libertarian-please take a moment to remember, salute, pray for them.


The implication of why they died is frightening for Libertarians to contemplate.  It appears that, to paraphrase Clausewicz, this is just "Politics by Other Means", i.e., war. Democrats and Republicans might be able to adjust to a reality where one's political opposition may simply be assassinated, but Libertarians never can.


Here is my case.  


Every thing indicates that this was a political asassination.  It was a slegehammer-like trap set up from the beginning, and then it was executed in such secrecy so no one could ever know what happened.  Then it was covered up, and the print and TV media were used to help.


 1a) The way it went down, it was set up by Dist. Attorney Teter, who called a press conference Friday, August 31, to say on TV that when Crosslin showed up for his court date that afternoon he would face immediate incarceration for 30 years, and his campground forfeited.  What's wrong with this picture?  So-big surprise--Crosslin doesn't go--instead burns his own buildings. 


The sheriff, Underwood, in his press release, claims "an anonymous tipster" called to announce that the fires were set "in order to ambush law enforcement". This, and other statements in Underwood's original press release appear to be highly questionable and self-serving.  Why is a man burning his own buildings seen as such a threat?  Normally, a bench warrant is issued when a defendant fails to appear, it's not that big a deal to justify every sheriff in the county rushing in to literally point guns at all the neighbors to make them evacuate, declaring such a statewide emergency that scores of additional state troopers and SWAT teams are sent in , and a local school commandeered to be the "command post".  (And we're just getting started).  All of that happened in well under 24 hours, which tells us the whole thing was contrived as a trap for Crosslin. 


But they had to do something to silence this guy who had promoted the legalization of marijuana.  He had been a thorn in Teter's--and I dare say Gov. Engler's-- side for years.  You can't just have someone saying THAT.


 1b) Now-the trap is sealed shut, for an area of at least 3/4 mile to the east and 2 miles to the west.  All neighbors out of the area-and at gunpoint-mind you; all roads blocked, naturally, and no one is able to get through the woods, through the corn fields, or across the lake.  Boats and jet skis patrol to make sure no one swims across.  Three neighbors or friends try to get in to help Crosslin.  They are all stopped at gunpoint and told to get out.  Mysteriously, the young Mr. Peoples gets in through this cordon. For what reason he goes is unclear. Even more mysterious, no one knows who Peoples is.  Crosslin's family doesn't.  But Peoples will be the only one to survive.


No press or outside observer can see what is happening inside the cordon, and none are permitted in.  One Detroit Free Press reporter will try, Monday or Tuesday, and will get beat up for his trouble. 


A news helicopter reports being shot in the tail boom.  WHDU shows a picture of a hole about 3/4 inch diameter, too large for a rifle bullet on entry.  Is this the entry or the exit hole?  Not explained.  Was it a shotgun that made this?  If so, the chopper would have to be exceeedingly low.


Within another 12-18 hours, Sunday, an Air Force A-10 attack plane, capable of napalming all of Vandalia, arrives at a nearby airstrip.  However, this attack type is NOT capable of using precision laser-guided weapons.  Also, an Army Kiowa scout helicopter, apparently armed with an anti-tank weapon.  Armored personnel carriers, SWAT teams in their armored trucks, an armored ram vehicle, and a bomb disposal truck all appear, along with the FBI.


  1c)Everyone, it seems, on Monday is trying to get successful mediation to this crisis.  Reports claim that Crosslin won't talk to his attorney, but a neighbor convinces Crosslin's family that another attorney, a good constitutional lawyer, can bring the armed buildup to a halt, and pull back to gain time.  Then Crosslin would have time to think, talk to the lawyer, and hopefully get a resolution that would let him keep his farm.  No one knows what has really happened in there up to this time.  Shots have been fired, but we don't know by whom.  A news helicopter sports a large hole in its tail boom, but we don't know if it was shot by Crosslin or by someone else, or if it was flying below its authorized minimum altitude.  At any rate, no one is hurt-yet. 



2) By Monday evening, Tom Crosslin is dead.  Accounts vary, and at least one makes the point that Crosslin was not a clear danger to the FBI agent who shot him.  No video is released, and no one can believe that there was no video taken.  But it seems that the reporters are coached for some period of time by the FBI on what to print.  A family member called the Free Press reporter, who said he was busy for a while talking to "them".  When presed for who "them" was, he said; "the FBI".  So it appears that the FBI was coaching or grilling HIM, not the journalist interviewing the FBI.  Strange.


So I conclude that substantial government force was used to prevent us from knowing the truth.


Rollie is shot and killed the next morning.  Again, the "Suicide by Cop"  account. Many, apparently including Rollie's lawyer, Dori Leo,  doubt that.  Up until Monday, it seemed that everyone was looking for a mediator, yet by three accounts a mediator was denied by the FBI. [Monday about noon Tom's sister Shirley said she was not taken directly to see Tom when she suggested the new lawyer, although her FBI contact liked the idea; Sheriff Underwood's press release regarding Tom Crosslin stated that a mediator was denied; and Rollie Rohm's stepfather, Mr. Livermore, says he was not allowed to speak to his son).  If so, that is diabolical indeed.  Those two were never meant to get out alive.  But remember, Vicki Weaver (Ruby Ridge) was murdered as her husband returned from a "negotiation", and the Branch Davidians found that most promises made to them by their FBI mediators were not kept by the so-called "Hostage Rescue Team".


3)  The evidence is covered up.  Bulldozed.  Removed. 


We must conclude that we have enough evidence to indicate an assassination with a political motive, or murder, followed by coverup-obstruction of justice.  The presumption of innocence applies to an individual accused of a crime.  I submit that it does not apply to a powerful government agency that has shown the ability to lie about crucial aspects in the past.   The FBI must prove it is innocent.



                    James Parker