The purpose of this site is to provide access to as much information as we can find that is relevant to the tragic occurrences at Rainbow Farm. I have *not* verified any of the information. If there's anything you think should be posted here, please email it to us. This site exists solely because James Parker thought it should. He had the idea, and he did and does all the research to find the information. All accolades, praise, and thanks should be directed to him!
    - Trevor Peck

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Update: From James Parker, posted 5-15-2002

New developments are: Rollie Rohm's stepdad received a cut-and-paste video of a portion of the standoff, depicting the news helicopter. Existence of video of the killings has been denied, so this demonstrates that there was some video taken.

Bill McMaster of Taxpayers United, Inc. has filed two more FOIA motions. His case is being taken up on appeal, after a March 13 ruling against his 9 previous FOIA filings for release of the public documents, namely the state police report and the county autopsy report on Rollie.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice has asked the FBI 3 times for the FBI report of the incident, and still doesn't have a copy.

Was Rainbow Farm Another Waco?
- from the Washington Post.

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FEAR's report on the Rainbow Farm tragedy
by Brenda Grantland

Report From the Front
by James Parker


Politics By Other Means
by James Parker

Cover Up

Complaint-Political Assassination
from James Parker

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Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do
by Peter McWilliams
James Parker says, "Tom Crosslin liked to quote it." and I (Trevor) say, "Peter and Tom ended up with a lot more in common than philosophy: they were both murdered by our Government."

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